Monday, 1 October 2007

Daily blog Monitoring Updated

I have updated the blogroll on the right to reflect my daily monitoring for the Poliblogs. I am now up to 186 which includes all of the blogs featured in the latest copy of the Guide to Political Blogging.

If I have put you in an incorrect category or you would like to categorised as something else, let me know.

I still have yet to reach my peak of 200 and I will be going through some of the blogs I have not read before from the guide - my favourite of which will also make the daily round-up.

The new additions are:

Archbishop Cranmer
Fair Deal Phil
British Bullshit Foundation
Rachel From North London
The Last Ditch
Our Kingdom
Bloggers 4 Labour
Liberal England
Stephen Tall
The Bristow Blog
Millennium Dome Elephant
Antonia Bance
James Cleverley
Newer Labour
As a Dodo
Glyn Davies
UK Daily Pundit
Westminster Wisdom
Melanie Phillips
Blair Watch
Liberal Burblings
Daniel Hannan MEP
Little Man in a Toque
Policeman's Blog
Mark Mardell
Rolled Up Trousers
Shiraz Socialist
Bishop Hill
Tim Roll-Pickering
Campaign for an English Parliament

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