Wednesday, 11 July 2007

PMQs July 11th 2007

Andrew Alexander (ePolitix)
Some surprise at this week's PMQs, as while pencils were being sharpened to mark up the Brown/Cameron scorecard the prime minister chose to drop in what sounded like a fairly significant policy U-turn.

Iain Dale
This was a more confident, competent performance from Gordon Brown in his second outing as PMQs. I thought his joust with David Cameron was a score draw, although Brown did have a good line about Cameron focussing on PR, while he focussed on being PM. That was rather countered when he referred to Ming Campbell as the Leader of the Opposition. In his dreams!

Kerron Cross
Back to serious matters for a rare change, can I just say a heart-felt well done to Gordon Brown for announcing a rethink on the future of Super Casinos at PMQs today.

As David Cameron has said there is no reason why Scotland could not prosper as an independent nation. Personally I think we're better of together, but not under the coercion that many in Scotland feel.

PMQs is on right now and Gordon Brown has just made a startling admission if I heard it right. He said that "A&E have 5000 more attendence each year because of our investment". I always knew extra public spending could be dangerous but I never realised it actually caused people to need hospital treatment. A brave display of honesty from our Prime Minister.


Not much in it - pretty dull PMQs today. Gone are the great Blair ringmaster days I fear.

Brown 0.5

Cameron 0.5

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