Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Brown vs Cameron

Each week I will do a round up of the opinions and verdicts from bloggers on PMQs. I will also keep a tally of what the general consensus of who came out on top - Brown or Cameron. The final verdict rests with me, of course!

Seeing as I started this blog a week after Brown started, I will not being reviewing last week's outing. However, I believe Cameron shaded it - and scores a point accordingly.

Scoring will be one for a win. Two points for a knockout win. Half a point will be awarded to each if it's a draw.

Let the battle begin!


James said...

Is there any chance you can add links to each round up to PMQs to the right hand side box under the Browm/Cameron scores for easy reference?

Garbo said...

Good plan - will do for today's round up