Wednesday, 18 July 2007

PMQs 18th July 2007

PMQs - Brown v Cameron Round 3
The three main party leaders concentrated on domestic affairs at PMQs. David Cameron used all six of his questions on the Prisoner Early Release Scheme started by the government this May. Sir Menzies Campbell raised the latest Rowntree Report on British Poverty.
Adam Boulton

PMQs - The verdict
Ending the practice of unveiling government policy to the papers has stolen the thunder of the Sunday press, with one of their number telling after prime minister's questions - "we are screwed." Rather than giving the papers the chance to break the news on policy Gordon Brown has instead decided to use PMQs to announce changes in direction, from a U-turn on supercasinos last week to the announcement this week on rethinking drugs policy.
Edward Davie- epolitix

Super casinos. Cannabis. What gets dumped next?
He gets asked questions at PMQs, so he answers them." Thus Gordon Brown's spokesman when asked if we can expect the jettisoning of Blair policies to become a weekly event in the Commons. Last week it was supercasinos, today it was cannabis. Technically, Mr Brown has called for a review of the classification, but there's no doubt what he wants the conclusion of the review to be. He's been persuaded by the mounting body of evidence showing everything from the link between cannabis use and mental illness to the growth in organised criminal gangs.
Ben Brogan

Prime minister's questions - live
Just two more sessions of PMQs to go before MPs put on their bathing trunks, pack their buckets and spades and head off for the seaside. And not before time, in what's been a pretty exhausting parliamentary session, topped by a change of prime minister.
Matthew Tempest

Brown held his own today - nothing spectatcular, but he is growing in confidence - though he still has the odd stutter and waivering voice. He played a good, straight bat against Cameron's attempts to admit failure in areas such as early release of prisoners. Cameron must be looking forward to the recess, he is not quite hitting the mark like he was a few months ago.

Brown 1

Cameron 0

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