Monday, 9 July 2007

Who is Garbo, anyway?

You may be wondering why I am using the pseudynm Garbo... then again you may not. Well either way, I'll let you know.

Juan Pujol Garcia was one of the greatest double agents working during world war two. He received both an Iron Cross from the Germans and an MBE from the British. He played a major role in the deception surrounding the Normandy landings of World War Two, convincing the Germans that any invasion would take place in Calais.

Rather like Garbo, I am working for both sides of the political game - left and right.

Read more about the great man here.


Anonymous said...

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Dioclese said...

Can't find a link to suggest a blog for you to follow, but would be grateful if you would consider mine at
I like to think I'm fairly neutral, but on the whole anti-Labour and think the LibDems are a nuisance to the two party system, so I guess that puts me on the right?
Keep up the good work - you're a good read!