Wednesday, 23 January 2008

About The Poliblogs

Seeing as I have made a few changes to the blog and developed it some what since I first launch in July 2007, it seems about time I explained what the Poliblogs is about and the features on the blog:

The Daily Round Up:

The main daily feature of the blog is my daily roundup of what I consider to be the best political posts in the blogosphere. I monitor about 200 blogs on a daily basis and take the cream of the crop and share them with you. I try to ensure that I take a balanced view by taking a range of opinions on the major issues of the day from the whole political spectrum.

The Late Lunch Briefing:

The Late Lunch Briefing is new to the Poliblogs for this year. It is my daily column where I tackle the major political issue or issues of the day adding my opinion and hopefully a little insight. I try to get this up by around 2pm daily.

The PMQs' Battle
Every Wednesday, when the House is sitting, I do a daily round up of what the blogosphere thought of that day's PMQs. I also add my own take on proceedings and then score the battle. I have been doing this since Brown took over as PM and so the tally (in the right hand column) is a total of every meeting Cameron & Brown have had. This is posted at 5pm every Wednesday.

A View Across The Pond

Another new feature to the Poliblogs - every Tuesday at 2pm I will post my take on the US presidential election.

The Blog of the Week Award

Every Monday morning I hand out the "coveted" Poliblogs Blog of the Week Award - my top three blogs of the week. Hopefully it will introduce my readers to a new blog or two and also recognises who I think are at the very top of their game in the political blogging world.

Politics Decoded

Politics Decoded is my weekly Tuesday column I write on the Wardman Wire blog for Matt Wardman. It is a longer version of the Late Lunch Briefing, in effect. It is my take on the major political issues of that week. I re-post the column 24hours later on the Poliblogs.

Other Stuff
I also occasionally post other things - the odd video, link, piece of opinion...

If there is anything else you'd like me to cover on the Poliblogs, all ideas are very welcome!


Liz said...

Welcome to Blogpower!

My, you do work hard for the benefit of blog readers!

Garbo said...

Thanks Liz