Wednesday, 24 October 2007

PMQs 24th October 2007

Brown gets clunked again

More Labour glum faces today, and much for them to be glum about. Cameron opened on a good theme: Brown's plans to confiscate budget surpluses accrued by prudent schools. Cameron used this as an allegory for Brown's statism, versus Tory localism. "Why does he think he knows how to use the money better than the teachers?" Brown replied (rather lamely) that "he's not listening to what I'm saying" and proceeded to say nothing.

Coffee House

Live PMQs blog: Cameron challenges Brown on plan to confiscate the surpluses of well-run schools

Editor's verdict: Another win for David Cameron. Third in a row. Good choice of topics: The attempt to penalise well-run schools and the Scottish elections fiasco. Cameron is also successfully weaving in the same themes into every PMQs: Brown is a centraliser who is less than candid with the British people. Brown is doing a little better, however - often standing at the despatch box without his guidance book. Good question from Graham Brady. If the frontbench won't touch the Barnett formula you can expect bankbenchers to do so - authorised or not."

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Brown: Labour Not to Blame for Scottish Elections Scandal

I don't know how other people saw it, but I thought David Cameron absolutely hammered Gordon Brown in the second half of PMQs today, when he questioned him about the conduct of the Scottish elections and Wee Dougie Alexander's part in it.

Iain Dale

PMQs - The Verdict

With the most memorable exchanges about events north of the border, this week's PMQs sounded more like Scottish questions. It started well enough for Brown, and he managed to sound a bit more like he was playing the experienced statesman above the fray. David Cameron used his opening questions to ask the prime minister about school budget surpluses and why Brown thought he knew better than heads how to spend the cash.


Election fiasco

Was it a guddle* or a fix? That's the question at the heart of the row that flared up at PMQs about the report into the Scottish elections fiasco.

Nick Robinson

The Verdict

After last week I thought we'd returned to dry, sensible stuff - how wrong was I? This was another belter! Brown started off good enough and then let Cameron wind him up and take him to the cleaners. Has Brown got no temperament? When Blair was baited he didn't act like a bear with a sore head he made his opponent look like a idiot. Another point for Cameron.

Brown 0

Cameron 1

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