Monday, 28 January 2008

The Blog of the Week Award

Blog of the Week

This week's blog of the week is Edland. The posts over at Edland have been top notch stuff of late - not that they haven't always been very good, but since the New Year Ed Clarke has stepped up a level. A Libertarian who, like many of the right of centre blogosphere, have really had enough of New Labour - but Edland writes about it in his unique and immediately gripping fashion. Well worth adding to your favourites.

Runners Up

John Redwood. Not the most popular of MPs, even in his own party and will always be remembered for his shameless "singing" of the Welsh National Anthem. However, in his spare time he writes a cracking and very thought provoking blog. Great coverage on the Northern Rock crisis is his specialty at the moment. Makes other MP's blogs look very amateur and tokenistic.

Paul Linford. One of the blogosphere's truly great blogs. Watch out for his famous Top Tens, but also his daily comment is measured and well informed. A former hack, you would expect his writing to be top notch. He does not disappoint.

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Vindico said...

'tis an excellent blog worthy of an award. Keep it up Ed!