Monday, 21 January 2008

Blog of the Week Awards

Blog of the Week:

This week's Poliblogs' Blog of the Week is the brilliant Polling Report. Though it does not blog everyday, it certainly makes up for this in its analysis of the polls that week. Covering everything from the main parties at Westminster, the London Mayoral elections, Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament this is the must read blog for anyone who wants to fully understand the detail behind the figures. You will quickly come to realise that the headline figures are not always what they seem...

And the Runners-up:

EU Referendum - With the whole issue about to erupt again there is no better blog to read this week about the EU Reform Treaty than EU Referendum... that is, if you are a skeptic! Their regular postings that will make you want to close the channel tunnel, march to Downing Street and use any means necassary to force Brown in to holding that promised referendum.

Capitlalists@Work (formerly cityunslicker)- The other major issue of the week, or should that be The Major Issue of the week, is the Northern Rock crisis. Will it be nationalised? Will there be a take over? You can be sure of two things - one: a lot of people aren't going to happy with either outcome and two: capitalists@work will have the issue covered better than most.

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