Sunday, 13 January 2008

New Feature on the Poliblogs: Bloggers of the week

When I first started the Poliblogs, one of my intentions was to have a league table of who I thought were the "form" bloggers at that moment in time. Of course, as with most of my ideas I never got round to doing it. Until now... sort of.

I have decided to do a weekly feature of my top three blogs in the political blogosphere of that week. The intention is not to have the same big three bloggers each week, so the only rules to the weekly top three are:

  • No blog can feature two weeks in a row
  • It is totally my discretion as to who I put in the top 3
  • There is no scientific approach other than my humble opinion!

So there - you may not like it and I doubt very much my opinion will change the political blogosphere's pecking order. But seeing as I read so many blogs on a daily basis, I thought I would share with you who I am enjoying most that week. Find out tomorrow who the first top three are...

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