Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Thermometer of Doom

It's back - The Thermometer of Doom. The gauge by which the inevitable end of political numbnuts' careers are measured.

The keen eyes amongst you will notice an addition to the line up - a certain Mr Hain who's self confessed shambles of a deputy leadership campaign meant that he took a few grand that perhaps he shouldn't have. And then forget to tell anyone about it - even when Wendy Alexander and fellow Doomster, Harriett Harman, were apologising for similar misdemeanors at a rate not seen since Basil Fawlty was caught by Sybil putting money on a horse. This has put Hain right in the driving seat for an ignoble exit.

The festive period has been quite forgiving for the rest of Brown's motley crew of goons, incompetents and patsies. However, as we all saw in October and November, all it takes is a couple of lost discs here or a few thousand lost immigrants there and the heat is turned right back up.

Who will make it to the reshuffle? More to the point, who will still be there after the reshuffle? I'm still puzzling over how they made it anywhere in the first place...

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