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The Bank Holiday Poliblogs 25-27th August 2007

We must have the debate on voting reform

Gordon Brown must resist attempts to bury a long-awaited review of our electoral system.

Malcolm Clark

CCTV in addicts’ homes?

I nearly fell off my chair while listening to Five Live a few minutes ago. The reason? A Scottish ‘drug expert’ has recommended putting CCTV in the homes of drug addicts to protect their children.

The Golden Side of the Moon

Pure, dead brilliant?

Hey, what’s so bad about trying to be the best wee country in the world? I rather liked being greeted by the slogan when I arrived back at a Scottish airport.

Blether with Brian

With regard to ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees.

I for one think that the Tax Payers’ Alliance research in to the phenomenon of what have been termed ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees is welcome. It got a mixed reception, but it is telling that many of the favorable comments on their website/blog come from academic staff at the ‘institutions’ listed.


Labour’s ICM lead now 5%

It’s multi-Gordons once again this morning but only half the number that accompanied the last poll, YouGov’s 10% lead, and one less than when the pollster, ICM, last carried out a survey two weeks ago.

Political Betting

ICM August Poll

ICM’s August poll for the Guardian has Labour’s led broadly steady at 5 points. The headline figures with changes from the last ICM poll, conducted for the Sunday Mirror, are CON 34%(+1), LAB 39%(nc), LDEM 18%(nc). Since bank holiday weekends are notorious for producing weird and wonderful samples, this poll was actually conducted in the middle of last week.

Polling Report

Labour lead down to 5% before social breakdown crisis

An ICM poll for today's Guardian puts Labour 5% ahead. Labour's lead is down 1% on a fortnight ago but the overall ratings of the parties are very stable. Most importantly, most of the fieldwork (22nd and 23rd August) was completed before the Liverpool shooting and the Conservative Party's sure-footed response to that tragic event. The last few days have seen the Conservative Party acting as a united and effective team with David Davis, Iain Duncan Smith, Nick Herbert, Michael Howard and David Cameron himself all playing vital and impressive roles.

Conservative Home

Was Gordon's 10 point lead a blessing in disguise for Dave?

John Rentoul points out in a typically sharp column in today’s Independent that Gordon Brown has benefited from the low expectation surrounding his arrival at Number 10. There had been so much said about Brown’s weaknesses that the commentariat had almost forgotten about his strengths and totally underestimated how adept Brown would prove at turning "his pathologies into assets.”

Coffee House

If you can keep your head...

Listening Gordon? There is an Autumnal snap to my stride as Cameron remorselessly closes the gap to a mere 5% in the ICM Poll this weekend. Consider the old Scotty side kicks position. As David Cameron said, no-one was going to take a man who has managed to remove Blair after unprecedented electoral success, lightly ,but how do he do it . He did it by being immensely more powerful within the Labour Party .Blair’s power was in the country and when he sold that for Iraq he was finished.


How Can We Address Inner City Gun Crime?

David Cameron has made a powerful speech this morning on gang and gun crime and the breakdown of communities. He talked about the terrible murder of Rhys Jones and called for a new "social covenant" between individuals and the state. He said: "What his parents said yesterday, when they spoke of their loss of their boy, of their child, and what he meant to them, was so powerful and moving."

Iain Dale

David Davis accuses Home Office of 'cover-up' on gun crime

Given that the BBC's own graph showed the reality of firearms crimes (excluding airguns) whilst maintaining that gun crime "overall" is down, it really doesn't surprise me that David Davis has written to Jacqui Smith pointing out that the Government is basically lying about the state of firearms crimes, and in particular firearms homicide.

Dizzy Thinks

Tilting at Windmills

I posted a couple of days ago about people coming up with simplistic responses to complex problems, such as that of gun crime. Well, Tory blogger Dizzy has decided to take me for task for it. Dizzy says….

Bob Piper

Davis blasts Labour on gun crime

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis has penned a short article for today's News of the World entitled 'Act Tough And Beat This Evil'

Conservative Home

Another day, another rant

Trawling through the Sunday newspapers, as one does, I was particularly struck by the title of Portaloo's (as he is known in Private Eye) piece in The Sunday Times

Headed, "Guns, Europe... the more vital the topic the sillier Brown gets" it seemed at least worth a look, to see what the great sage had to say on the subject which is ostensibly our raison d’être.

Whatever interest one might have had in his words, however, came screeching to a halt on confronting this paragraph:

EU Referendum

Guns, Europe...the more vital the topic the sillier Brown gets

Gordon Brown’s responses to the failed terror attacks, the floods and foot and mouth disease left him looking stronger. But his reaction to the death of Rhys Jones, the latest young victim of teenage gang killers, makes the prime minister look merely foolish.

Michael Portillo

No Time for Spin

Jacqui Smith's career as Home Secretary got off to a promising start. I was present in the House when she made her statement on the Glasgow airport terrorist attack; she came across as calm and self-assured. I was reasonably impressed.

David Jones MP

Graeme Archer: London-ness and Andrew Boff - How to beat Livingstone

I was going to write about Iris Murdoch and Social Responsibility this week, but the media frenzy about the London Mayor seems to be heating up, and the esteemed Editor suggested I might like to try something new, like, ooh, why not write about politics? I said: Have you gone completely insane? But he meant it, apparently. So here goes: my four point plan to end Ken Livingstone’s career.

Conservative Home

Brown faces rebellion of 120 MPs

According to this morning's Telegraph, Gordon Brown is facing hs first rebellion by the back benches over the new EU Treaty which, apart from the Government, everyone else in the EU is acknowledging is pretty much the same treaty that was rejected by the French and Dutch.

Dizzy Thinks

A fate worse than debt

If the UK's current level of debt-fuelled consumption is unsustainable then we are in trouble - and must consider the alternatives.

Mark Braund

China's threat to Russia

Vladimir Putin is worrying too much about relations with the west; he should watch his back in the east.

Andrei Piontkovsky

A crisis of conscience

Can a caring society exist in a market economy? A new book suggests the values of social consciousness have been steadily eroded.

Mark Braund

Are Labour's Seats Now Becoming Hereditary?

Prescott will stand down as an MP at the next election. In other poorly kept news, the Pope is apparently Catholic and also bears occasionally defecate in woods.What has intrigued me though is all the media speculation about Mr Prescott wanting his son to be the next MP in his Hull seat. Since when did Labour seats become heriditary?

Kerron Cross

What should be done about illegal immigrants in the UK?

Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes had an article in Liberator magazine recently outlining the policy proposals they will be putting to the party’s autumn conference. That article is online, and there is also a flavour of the plans in today’s Independent:

Lib Dem Voice

500,000 incorrect records on DNA database

I am trying to decide whether we should be worried or pleased about this report from the Independent on Sunday:

Over 500,000 names on the DNA database are false, misspelt or incorrect, the Government has admitted...

Liberal England

What is the point of the Fabian Society?

The Fabian Society has done a poll on what people believe differing professions should earn. From this, they conclude, that professional footballers should earn £62,000 a year. Well what an pointless piece of research that is. My Guess, although it is part of a larger report, this fact was picked out to get the report some press coverage. however, to my mind it undermines what must be in the rest of their report.

Norfolk Blogger

Channel 4 - Cameron was right on NHS closures

Channel 4, not normally noted as any great supporter of the Conservtaive Party, has run an interesting piece in which they independently assess the threat to hospital up and down the country. Surprisngly they conclude that Cameron is justified to claim that they face closure.

Little’s Log

TfL Seek Metronet Control

It's been announced that Transport for London (TfL), the capital's transport management body, has lodged a formal Expression of Interest with the PPP Administrator of the two Metronet companies, BCV and SSL, in order that it may take control of the companies on a temporary basis.

Mayor Watch

All conspiracy theories are alike

Here's Robert Fisk in Saturday's Independent: "I am increasingly troubled at the inconsistencies in the official narrative of 9/11." You know what's coming, right down to the defensive protest "I am not a conspiracy theorist".

Oliver Kamm

What is the point of blogging?

Why do we blog? Does it serve any purpose? Is it “killing our culture” as some say, is it a “parasitic” medium as others do, or is it the promised land? It is the latter of course; allow me to explain why.

Pickled Politics

Timid Tories

John Redwood's on The Telegraph explaining how the (very) modest tax cuts being proposed can be paid for… We'll never actually get to a lower tax burden unless we have a smaller State. This isn't just about how efficiently some tasks are currently undertaken: it's about whether some tasks should be undertaken at all. Again, it's not just about cutting out nonsenses like ID cards, of the NHSW Spine, things that clearly are a) not needed and b) aren't going to work anyway.

Tim Worstall

Boris Johnson set to win Tory nomination by landslide

Later this morning the London Evening Standard will report a ConservativeHome survey of 351 London Tory members and supporters which shows overwhelming support for Boris Johnson.

Conservative Home

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