Friday, 31 August 2007

New additions

I have added a few more blogs to my round-up as I aim for my optimum figure of 200. They are:

Thunder Dragon - Post Grad Thunder Dragon is also doing guest posts over at the Wardman Wire this week. He has been described as "one of the rising stars of conservative blogging".

Belittle England - A new community blog countering Tory claims that Britain is falling apart, set up by Alex Hilton (of Recess Monkey fame).

Miscellany Symposium - A very witty and enjoyable blog discussing anything and everything political (and more)

The Wilted Rose - A staunch pro-Cameron blogger gives the government a piece of his mind

I will be adding plenty more when Iain Dale's top 100 bloggers list is published to ensure I cover the cream of the crop! In the meantime, please keep letting me know of any great blogs you either author or read. I am especially after some top notch Labour blogs as the Tories are outnumbering you at the moment! All blogs from anywhere on the political spectrum are welcome of course. The only criteria is I have to like them!


Mountjoy said...

Pro-Cameron? Moi?

Oh, I suppose I am really :-)

Anonymous said...
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Garbo said...

Mountjoy - I think it was your post last week that said

"And the Conservatives on 33% - under David Cameron, its best ever leader..."

that gave it away!

Mountjoy said...

Er, yeah. I said Blair was Labour's best ever leader too :-)

I guess I meant to say Cameron was their best every modern leader or something ...

Garbo said...

I am guessing by modern you mean post 1997? There are plenty to choose from! He is certainly leagues ahead of Howard and IDS - would be interesting to see what the general consensus would be on Hague vs Cameron.

Unfortunately for Hague, he will find it almost impossible to come back so he may never really get a fair hearing from the public.