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The Poliblogs 16th August 2007

The Miliblog is Back...

And this time it is Ed. Guido understands that David wanted to continue blogging but the FCO mandarins explained that whilst it was fine to pontificate about green wonkery on his blog when he was at Defra, blogging about the negotiating strategy with the North Koreans was more problematic.

Guido Fawkes

Billionaire Donor says "I'll bankroll Labour campaign"

The Times reports this morning that a billionaire is prepared to give "as much as he can" to bankroll an early election should Gordon Brown call it.

There has been a lot of talk recently of an early election, and if I were Brown I would certainly go for it as soon as possible given the volatility on the markets and the fear the inflation and interest rate will rise.

Norfolk Blogger

Alan Duncan MP: Gordon's many failures

Gordon Brown must be feeling very happy at the moment. After a lifetime of ambition he has finally reached the top of the greasy poll, and his reaction to floods, bombs and foot and mouth have made him, at least for the moment, king of the bouncy castle.

Conservative Home

Sleep-walking to disaster?

Labour AM, Huw Lewis, has published an on-line pamphlet this morning in which he warns that his party it will “sleepwalk” to electoral disaster at the next Assembly election in 2011 without major changes. It can be read here.

Peter Black

London needs a Liberty Angel

Nannyism and surveillance is utterly ingrained in Londoners lives. We really should be getting fed up by now. Let’s begin with a ride on the tube. A decade ago, when you shoved your ticket into the barrier machine on the way to work, it was your own business. Nobody but you knew where you travelled from, where you were going to, and at what time.

Hot Ginger & Dynamite

So, Farewell Then...

To no-one’s great surprise, Jack McConnell has decided to stand down as leader of the Scottish Labour Party. His decision was seen as inevitable following his party’s defeat at the hands of the SNP in May. It is believed that he had decided to stand down several weeks ago, but had taken the summer to ‘reflect’ – something interpreted widely as code for waiting for a Peerage or a similarly prestigious sinecure elsewhere.

Scots & Independence

Alexander for leader?

One by one, the potential contenders to challenge Wendy Alexander for the Scottish Labour leadership are dropping out.

Margaret Curran, Andy Kerr and Iain Gray have now all declined to enter the contest.

Ms Alexander herself has confirmed that she is a candidate - but won’t launch her campaign until Friday.

Blether with Brian

Louise Bagshawe: Brown's bad news

Louise Bagshawe gazes into her crystal ball and forecasts trouble for the PM...

Conservative Home

My country 'tis of thee ... and thee and thee

Multiple passports may be the answer to many of fissions and frictions of the new world order, even if bureaucrats and ID card pedlars may hate them.

Ian Williams

Where are the LibDems?

In the past few weeks, ConservativeHome and I have been critical of some Conservatives for, shall be saying, being absent from the headlines. However, this is nothing compared to the LibDems. have they disappeared off the face of planet earth? The Despatch blog makes a good point this morning, saying it is no good just sending out press releases and expecting great media coverage. Not only has Ming Campbell been absent from the headlines for three weeks, so have his key spokespeople.

Iain Dale

Government to Monitor Blogs

The Financial Times reports that the government is about to set up a 'blog monitoring unit' (I kid you not). Another excuse to employ a few more people on the public sector payroll, I guess.

Iain Dale


A rather precious Iain Dale "guesses" that the government intention to set up a "blog monitoring unit" (as reported by The Financial Times) is "another excuse to employ a few more people on the public sector payroll."

… In fact, this development simply formalises the status quo. After all, not only does the MoD routinely monitor this blog (as does the US Department of Defense) but, through its Defence Headquarters, has also joined our forum and posted several comments from the Defence Procurement Minister (Lord Drayson), responding to issues raised by this blog (and ignored by the MSM).

EU Referendum

Pressure grows for ban on drinking in street

We really have to worry when our policemen and MP's favour the notion of collective punishment. The majority of drinkers, young and old, behave responsibly. Why should they pay more for their alchohol, because a minority misbehave? Why should they be banned from drinking in public places, because a minority are irresponsible? Once again, the authorities want to punish the decent and law-abiding, rather than confront the behaviours of the delinquent.

The Last Ditch

Is Gord’s media honeymoon coming to an end?

Having spent ten years in my early career as an editor with BBC News it strikes me that the quick apology that has been made for parts of the corporation’s coverage of the Tory competition proposals is something of a watershed and might suggest that Brown’s media honeymoon might be running out of steam.

The BBC does not usually react so quickly - especially when the initial source of the complaint was a blog, in this case Iain Dale’s - that even the partial apology is quite a step.

Political Betting

Is There Anyone Out There Who Doesn't Have 3 As?

BBC R5 are doing their annual phone-in on the A Level results. And the jock has just asked desperately if someone could phone who hasn't got three A grades. She's just talked to one girl who has five. A quarter of all grades are now A, and the overall pass rate has reached a staggering 96.9% (see this blog for a comparison with the pass rate in a real exam).

Burning Our Money

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