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The Poliblogs 7th August 2007

Labour issues drop dead date for candidate selection

Apparently the Labour Party have issued a drop dead date for completing all its Parliamentary candidate selections by September 23rd. This is the starting day of the Labour conference which could mean we get a "go back to your constituencies and prepare for more Government" type speech from Brown to the newly selected faithful.

Dizzy Thinks

Robin Hood? More like Raffles

Time and again we hear from the spinners in the New/Old/Real Labour project, helped by their useful idiots in sections of the media who love to portray Labour in a good light as much as possible, how masterful Gordon Brown has been in his management of the economy. With one hand in the till and the other in our pockets, Brown has taken more money from us by stealth than any other Chancellor.

The Waendel Journal


I'm with Stephen on this one. And Tim Hames also lays out several persuasive reasons why the golden-haired one should not be running for mayor of London.

I've only just got round to reading Matthew Parris's advice to the candidate. Here's the part that caught my eye:

Clive Davis

Boris Johnson and the ChipOx club

Not long ago Stephen Pollard took sides in the great Boris debate and concluded:

I think he is a buffoon. I simply don't buy this idea that beneath the exterior lies a piercingly sharp interior.

Daniel Finkelstein

Tories in revolt - again

Just when David Cameron thought he had survived the worst of the storm over his various misjudgements in the Ealing Southall by-election, a fresh one starts up. This time it is Yorkshire Tories who are telling him to shape up or they will ship out.

Peter Black

Mortgaging our future

The housing boom underpins and exacerbates Britain's descent into a more unequal society - and it shows how the property market has failed.

Neal Lawson

Neal Lawson on Housing

It would be interesting to see some evidence of this hoarding of land banks. You know, that they are held for longer than they were in the past?

Tim Worstall

My Two Cents...on Labour incompetence

There is a mild sense of panic among senior Tories at the size of the Brown Bounce and the solid start to the Brown premiership. There is no need to be if David Cameron and his advisors recognize that the strategy that worked so well to attack Tony Blair needs to be adapted to the new challenges of Gordon Brown holding the reins of power. All of the issues the Tories could and did rely on – Labour sleaze, the Iraq War, government incompetence, Blair’s personality traits – are no longer live issues.

Enough is Enough

Andrew Gilligan on Doreen Lawrence

Andrew Gilligan shares my views on Doreen Lawrence's disgraceful attack on Boris Johnson. I listened to an appalling half hour's phone-in on Radio 5 last night, where Simon Woolley from Operation Black Vote demeaned himself and his position by what he said about Boris. Normally Simon is quite sensible and has done a lot to encourage ethnic minorities to take part in the political process, but last night he embarrassed himself. This is what Andrew Gilligan had to say in today's Evening Standard...

Iain Dale

Cameron isn’t the Tories problem

If you puff something or someone up too much they eventually burst. Having watched and waited for nearly 12 months as the Tory press piled praise on praise for Tory leader David 'Hug a Hutu' Cameron, it rather makes me smile now the bubble has burst.

In fact, today's Daily Mirror actually made me laugh out load. Even allowing for the Mirror's traditional pro-Labour stance this makes grim reading for any Tory who thought the public schoolboy from Eton was the answer to three election defeats in a row.

Adrian Sanders

Vaccinate to live

Farmers were opposed to vaccination in 2001 - for good reasons. But in this outbreak, it may be a useful measure against the spread of foot and mouth.

Anthony Gibson

Airports in Crisis

BAA seems to be getting a kicking in the papers at the moment. With holiday season upon us, it's time for the annual travel misery, but rather than the ire aimed at the airlines (lost baggage, strikes, delays) as usual, it's the airport operator who's in the firing line. I believe with good reason. Privatisation in the 1980s was the right thing to do at the time, with the government imposing restrictions on landing fees, which they rightly saw as the big worry for consumers at the time.

James Edmondson

Dare Gord risk doing worse than Tony?

If Labour is retaining poll leads from 3% to 9% after the summer it’s hard to make a case that Brown would not come out with a majority in an October election. Even assuming that the pollsters are still overstating Labour the margins from all five regular UK pollsters together with Britain’s electoral demographics should be enough to see Brown home.

Political Betting

How do you solve a problem like David Cameron?

Councillor Tony Sharp of the Waendel Journal has published the results of his reader survey. The results make interesting reading and are well worth popping over to see them for yourself. What becomes obvious when studying the results is that quite a few of the people who took part in the survey were of the Conservative persuasion. This is not a criticism of the survey, Tony is a Conservative blogger therefore many of his visitors share in his political ideology, myself included. The results matched my personal thoughts quite closely, and for me there were not any major surprises. One thing that does stand out from the results is the opinion of the voters on the suitability of David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party.

Daily Referendum

Double whammy for under-fire Cammy

It seems Tory members can't get far enough away from Cammy these days, like rats scuttling out of a slowly but surely sinking vessel. First, major Tory donor Sir Tom Cowie has decided to withdraw all funding from the Tories, because of Cameron. Asked about the present state of the Conservative Party, he said:

Ridiculous Politics

Smearing for fun and profit

In an interview on the Today programme recently, Ken Livingstone said, in relation to the challenge from Boris Johnson, that he was going through all Boris's published articles for proof of his nasty, reactionary Tory ways. Ken said, ludicrously, that Boris was 'some way to the right of Norman Tebbit'. In the last few days, since the weekend, a flurry of articles and blog posts have come out decrying Boris for his 'racism'.

Conservative Party Reptile

Douglas Alexander gets three As and two Bs

DOUGLAS Alexander, the international development secretary, is celebrating an impressive set of exam scores although he had to wait an extra day to get them after problems with a new online results system.

The Daily Mash

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