Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Conference Watch: Brown's Speech

Nothing flash from Gordon

It was only a passing reference, scarcely worthy of note in the wider conference address. But my ears twittered a little when I heard Gordon Brown say: “We will in our manifesto commit to introduce the principle of elections for the second chamber.”

Blether with Brian

Gordon Brown’s speech

I’ve been watching journalists fall over themselves to praise Gordon Brown’s speech, but what I haven’t heard many of them point out is that some of the problems Gordon Brown identified yesterday were in existence in 1997, since when the Labour Government has had ten years to put them right. In fact, some of the problems were actually created by this Government, a Government in which Gordon Brown has been a key player.

Bel is thinking

Head Banging Reality

Who's crackers? Him or us? Listening to Brown yesterday, I scoffed, shouted, and nearly swerved off the road, as per. Surely he can't really think we disenchanted Tory voters will fall for the flag, a bit of crime posturing, and vague talk of patient choice. Can he?

Burning Our Money

Brown's moral society

He didn't once mention him by name. But make no mistake, David Cameron was the real target of this afternoon's big speech by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Paul Linford

Did Brown get the headlines he wanted?

If Brown’s aim is to get the Tories off the centre ground then some of the coverage will help him. But this is not without its own problems.

Political Betting

The helping hand, not the clunking fist

That clunking fist reappeared today in a different guise, as Gordon's speech was preceded by a party video focussing on him shaking hands with a backing track of 'Put Your Hands On.' The little sign on the front of the podium and screens throughout the centre displayed the words 'Strength to change Britain' and three of those words cropped up regularly, with Britain appearing repeatedly throughout the speech, as Gordon worked to stress that he's not a Scottish PM, but a British PM.

Political Hack UK

Gordon Brown's speech to the Labour Party Conference - no good news for freedom. liberty or security, but plans to confiscate £670 million from bank accounts

Gordon Brown's Labour Party Conference speech - the BBC reports the full text:

Some selected bits which are of relevance to Spy Blog:It was extremely poor taste to start off his speech by exploiting the current sub judice terrorist cases involving the Haymarket and Glasgow Airport incendiarary vehicle attacks, for party political purposes


Conviction and responsibility

To go, or not to go. That was the question which hung over Gordon Brown's first party conference speech (watch it here). As it happened, he did nothing to reveal his intentions, not mentioning the word election, or talking about his opponents once.

Nick Robinson

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