Thursday, 20 September 2007

Conference Watch

Lib Dems will rattle the cage of British politics

In his leader’s speech Menzies Campbell has attacked the cosy consensus between Labour and the Conservatives and committed the Liberal Democrats to rattling the cage of British politics:

Official website of Ming Campbell

Are the Lib Dems the new pragmatic `conservatives`

It is clear that there was a big shift in thinking in 1979. People were willing to vote for someone saying unsayable things to make a change. In 97 it was the same. There are I believe two shifts going on in politics.

Liberal Revolution

Mill's boon?

Lib Dems 07: Delegates are choosing who was the greatest Liberal of all time. Will it be a politician - or is this a case where the philosopher is king?

Anne Perkins

Libdemologists: Kennedy Wipes Floor With All Comers

Better than Ming on Newsnight. Also probably better than Huhne and Clegg to be honest. He had a point that neither of them managed which was the international aspect of our C21st British politics. And although the question wasn't put to him he was better on cross party working (or "coaliting") because he realises that it is the people served that matter more than the party.

Chris Paul: Labour of Love

Lib Dems accept donation from oil company

The Lib Dems, as many will know, love to be holier than thou. Thus when the scandal about their dodgy criminal donor broke it caused them huge embarrassment. This week in Brighton they have called for the hammering of non-domicile status residents of the UK, and railed against those that use offshore havens.

Dizzy Thinks

Can Ming Campbell break Britain’s ‘cosy consensus’?

Ming Campbell will use tomorrow’s conference speech at the Brighton conference to challenge the ‘cosy consensus’ established by Labour and the Tories. His chief of staff, Ed Davey, told the press this afternoon that “the Liberal Democrats are here to challenge the cosy consensus” and break up the “joint monopoly” held by the other two parties.

Lib Dem Voice

Lib Dems Treat Ethnic Minorities As "Defective"

One of the Liberal Democrats shortlisted to be the party's candidate in the 2008 London mayoral race has accused the party of treating ethnic minority candidates as "defective". Fiyaz Mughal, a deputy president of the Liberal Democrats, claimed the party was failing to address diversity problems...

The Thunder Dragon

Has Nick Clegg already blown it?

Will this Lib Dem conference be looked upon as the moment when Nick Clegg lost the leadership of his party?

Daniel Finkelstein

Ming's Speech Flicked My Switch

Bravo to Ming. That passion that I saw him display at the last South East/Central Regional Conference came through strong and clear today.

Liberal Legend II

Ming the Mighty

I found the speech both reassuring and slightly unusual. It was very clear with some punchy lines. What impressed me most was the passion and ANGER that was shown. I had not seen this side of Ming before.

Liberal Revolution

Is there anything else to talk about?

I watched last night’s Lib Dem party conference broadcast with a mixture of boredom and depression. It really was a disappointment. I know the environment and climate change is very important. The problem for us in trying to make a film about it is that everyone else thinks it’s important now as well, so where once banging on about it made us look radical and modern, now it makes us look like we’ve got nothing else to say.

Richard Baum

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