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The Poliblogs 26th September 2007

Is Gordon really a laydeez man?

The 11 point lead is bad enough for the Tories, but the thing Labour is most excited about in tonight's YouGov poll for Channel Four is the suggestion that Gordon Brown is winning over female voters. The survey claims the PM enjoys a 16 point lead among women.

Ben Brogan

Northern Rock weakens Cameron…

Gordon Brown has been strengthened by Northern Rock and David Cameron weakened. For the first time since the 1860s people queued up outside a British bank to recover their savings. If continued the confidence crisis that was specific to Northern Rock could have spread, and could have led to a collapse in credit and a recession.


Town the Tubes: PPP Slowly Coming Unstuck for Brown

Just as unexpectedly awful public finance figures are released, in turns out the Office of National Statistics was not initially being given the whole picture on Metronet and Tube Lines, two of McBroon’s little ‘off-balance sheet’ PPP schemes. The ONS had not been made aware that London Underground Ltd – part of the public sector - holds a Special Share in both ‘private’ companies. Nor was the ONS aware of the extent of London Underground’s powers of control over the two firms “which have been in place since the [PPP] contracts were signed” in 2002-03.

The CityUnslicker

David Miliband, you say it best when you say nothing at all.

In his speech yesterday, David Miliband referred to Tony Blairs foreign policy saying: "The lesson is that it's not good enough to have good intentions." The gist of little David's speech was to "move on" from Blair's poor foreign policy (the one he and the most other labour MPs supported) and implement a "second wave".

Daily Referendum

New wave of foreign policy?

He came to bury Blairite foreign policy, not to praise it. He came to lament the "scars of ten years of government". He came to explain patiently how we all must learn (a word he used no fewer than six times) from the past. This was Tony Blair's former policy chief David Miliband speaking. Politics is a brutal business.

Nick Robinson

I Tried to Stop Iraq War but Blair Overpowered Me, Claims Milliband

FOREIGN secretary David Milliband has revealed how he jumped on top of Tony Blair in a desperate bid to stop the invasion of Iraq. Milliband said he and a group of senior ministers, including Alan Johnson, Hilary Benn and Peter Hain, tackled the former Prime Minister as he tried to push the huge Invasion Button on the wall of his Number 10 study.

The Daily Mash

What exactly is the aim of environmentalism?

Quoted by Reuters, Oxford University economics professor Dieter Helm said: The price of carbon has had virtually no effect on the market so far and virtually no effect on climate change. People like me who think the price of carbon is important don't think it is the only thing that matters. There must be more focus on energy efficiency, more research and development and more renewable energy. The truth is that Europe has performed less well on carbon dioxide since the late 1990s than the United States -- and Europe is inside Kyoto and has an emissions trading scheme.

Freeborn John

Urgent phone call makes me ask - "Is an election about to be called ?"

I received a phone call tonight from the Eastern Region of the Lib Dems asking, as an approved parliamentary candidate (I know that will come as a shock to one or two senior Lib Dem bloggers who loathe me and my blog), if I was prepared to stand at very short notice, as a Lib Dem candidate and be available from possibly next week to stand in seats where there is no lib Dem candidate selected yet.

Norfolk Blogger

A rogue poll, or are we kidding ourselves?

There’s no point obsessing about every poll, but… having reported last week’s ICM survey for The Guardian showing the Lib Dems with a 20% share of the vote, balance compels me to mention tonight’s Channel 4 YouGov poll showing the Lib Dems with just 13%, the party’s lowest YouGov rating since January 2006.

Lib Dem Voice

So will 11 Gordons influence the election decision?

A YouGov poll for Channel Four news taken in the immediate aftermath of of Brown’s conference speech gives Labour an amazing 44% share with the Lib Dems down to 13%. These are the shares with the changes on the last poll from the internet pollster - CON 33% (nc): LAB 44% (+5): LD 13% (-3).

Political Betting

YouGov show huge conference boost for Brown

The Conservative figure is believable enough, but the Liberal Democrat and Labour figures are extreme - the highest Labour figure recorded by YouGov (and indeed by any pollster) since 2002 and the lowest YouGov Liberal Democrat score since the depths experienced after Charles Kennedy’s removal. On a uniform swing these figures would give Labour a stonking majority of 140, put the Lib Dems down on 31 seats and the Conservatives on 197.

Polling Report

Autumn election would be unpopular

A very interesting poll statistic has been revealed by Nick Robinson on BBC 10 o'clock News - although Gordon Brown's poll ratings are high, 57% of respondants do not want an Autumn election compared to only 29% who do. It could be argued that although people feel Brown is making the right noises, they are not yet convinced and want to see more of his supposed new style of politics before having a General Election. This is an opportunity for the Conservatives that must not be passed up.

The Waendal Journal

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