Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Conference Watch

Hurrah for the good sense of the Lib Dems, including Lembit Opik

(Yes, I am a bit bewildered to be writing that). And for why? Because they have rejected calls for an academic boycott of Israel, and "a motion condemning it passed overwhelmingly". The motion itself hits a bullseye:

The Croydonian

Lib Dems way past the fringe of idiocy

You have to love rabid europhilia sometimes because it just produces the most hilarious nonsense. And where better to get such things than the Lib Dem Conference and the fringe.

Dizzy Thinks

Crossing the radioactive line

Lib Dems 07: You should never underestimate the Lib Dems' mistrust of nuclear power - which is perhaps what Chris Davies did yesterday.

Ros Taylor

Liberal Democrat Environmental Policy

For all the idiotic "hammer the rich" gaffes there isn't much new coming out of the Lib Dems on the fiscal policy front. The policy they've voted on at their conference is the same as the report the TPA a little while back.

Sinclair’s Musings

Principle or power?

Lib Dems 07: Today's debate contained some admirable ideas, but how do they square with public concerns about immigration?

Martin Kettle

How do you solve a problem like Ming?

Last night’s Newsnight interview with Ming summed up the problems the Lib Dems face. First of all, Ming only got 15 minutes at the end of the show compared to the full length, star attraction treatment that Brown and Cameron got. Second, the interview revolved around the Lib Dem’s leadership troubles—a trend Campbell exacerbated by choosing to quibble over every piece of polling data his inquisitors challenged him with. Third, Ming’s performance was poor. (Although, to be fair, he was much better on the Today Programme this morning.)

Coffee House

Is it worth betting on Ming to survive?

I think that Hills have got this wrong. Unless Ming decides voluntarily to step down or he has health problems then I do not think the party has the stomach to oust him. You can forcefully eject one leader during a parliament but to do it to two is simply not on. The evens price looks like a good bet.

Political Betting

Chris cross at Nick's candour

Lib Dems 07: A good-humoured contest between Ming's likely successors turned frosty this morning, after a rare blast of honesty from a politician.

Nicholas Watt

Liberal Democrats call for better governance

Conference this afternoon debated the Better Governance Policy Paper - For the People, By the People. Conference agreed that there is a serious crisis in British democracy, marked by low - and declining - turnout in elections, widespread disillusionment with politics and politicians, a sense among the electorate of powerlessness to achieve change and public alienation from the political process, particularly among the young and ethnic minorities. Conference welcomed the Green Paper from the Government, The Governance of Britain. Conference noted that major changes both to the structure and personnel of government took place in June 2007 with no recourse whatsoever either to Parliament or to the people.

Colin Ross

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