Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Two pints of lager and packet of crisps please!

The EU has dropped plans for forcing the UK to transfer over to the metric system. Hilarious! They know they can get away with sneaking the Constitution through the back door, they can ban our beef and give massive subsidies to our French farming neighbours; in fact they can meddle in just about every area of our domestic policy you can think of and we won't really give a damn it seems. But you can not mess with a Brit’s pint! That would have been the end of the EU’s relationship with Britain and they knew it. At least they know where our priorities are…


Matt Wardman said...


One thing where I would support an EU imposition - but it should have been done in 1971.

Do they know that - like almost everything else - we invented the metric system. See link on my name.

Nice title. Let's hear it for perfectly round crisps.

Garbo said...

It's crazy, isn't it!? All it takes is the way we are served our beer to get us all interested in politics; yet talk about treaties and no one gives a damn, even if it means losing our sovereignty!