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The Poliblogs 12th September 2007

Taxing questions

Hands up those of you who voted for devolution ten years ago today? Hands down. Now, hands up those of you who also voted for the devolved Parliament to have limited tax powers? Hands down. Finally, hands up those of you who think those limited tax powers will ever be used?

Blether with Brian

Wanless Shocker

I've just spent a couple of hours sitting in Surrey's global warming sunshine clicking my way through Sir Derek Wanless's new NHS report. The media reaction hardly does it justice- it's a real shocker.

Burning Our Money

Continental shifts

Europe is an issue that is dividing the British left, and the TUC debate today demonstrates that the sceptics are far from defeated.

Andrew Mullen

Referendum pressure mounts for Gordon Brown (EU Treaty)

Will today see the Unions at the TUC conference give Gordon Brown another indication of their discontent? esterday they voted to take "co-ordinated industrial action" against the government over its below-inflation pay rise. ark Serwotka, leader of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCU), said: "When Gordon Brown slams the door in our face, we have to say we aren't accepting it. Unity is strength."

Daily Referendum

Will the TUC end up being good or bad for Gordon?

After the lukewarm speech and a strike vote, will the unions call for a referendum?

When Tony Blair was Prime Minister, it usually seemed as though his speech to the TUC was just something that had to be “got through”, and especially post-Iraq, it never looked like an occasion that Blair or the unions found either enjoyable or useful.

Political Betting

TUC annual conference - public sector workers should receive a below inflation pay increase?

Today at the TUC (Trade Union Congress) public sector workers are to decide whether they should start down the road to coordinated industrial action. The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) has put forward a motion saying it "deplores" the "pay limit" set by the government and recommends that unions "discuss coordinated industrial action".

Daily Referendum

TUC Raises Threat of Winter in Majorca

HARD-pressed public sector workers have threatened to spend the winter at their apartments in Santa Ponsa unless the government improves its offer on pay and conditions.

The Daily Mash

I pay my taxes!

Another of our favorite refrains is 'I pay my taxes' and 'give me my money back and I'll spend it on health care as I see fit'. Lt's just work out what that adds up to. Health Care spending in the UK is currently around £75 billion. There are about 65 million of us, so that works out at £1153.85 per person per year. This is for everything - ambulance fees, A&E visits, GP consultations, outpatient visits, surgery, home nursing care. What do you think £1152.85 per year would buy you?

Dr Rant

LibDems come top in "green audit"

It is not surprising really. The Tories have emitted quite a lot of hot air on green issues (shoe chauffeurs, Husky photo-ops etc) but it is very difficult to find a commitment amongst their verbiage. Labour seem to have presided over a reduction in "green taxation".

Liberal Burblings

Boris Johnson Interview Transcript

The following transcript is published under Creative Commons Attribution. The text to accompany any republished, quoted or altered works must include “an interview on internet TV station 18 Doughty Street” with a hyperlink to when used online.

Mike Rouse

The Sun Attacks Brown

Today the country`s most influential Political Paper tuned on Brown like a rabid dog. I was amazed at the vitriol being unleashed upon him when I thought he had gone to great lengths to woo the non lefty Press. I have typed sections the hope of reaching a smaller but perfectly formed audience. This is part of what Jon Gaunt had to say. (BTW Dizzy, despite his flattering portrait, actually looks a lot like Jon Gaunt)


An urgent news item from The Scotsman:

Chancellor Alistair Darling has brought a cat back to Downing Street after Cherie Blair kicked out the previous feline resident. The Edinburgh South West MP, whose family still live in the Capital, now has his puss Sybil at No 11 to keep him company.

Ridiculous Politics

Fibbing Lib Dems And Their Bar Charts

We all know about the Lib Dems and their bar charts. They're about as accurate as a five-year-olds attempt at long division. But with the one on a leaflet and a letter delivered to my house today is technically correct. but misleading - but the commentary is a complete lie.


Say what you think

I have to say, I agree with Boris when he said the following, in an interview yesterday: “I reserve the right to make gaffes, I really do. I think it is a key thing in politics that people should be able to say what they think and to get themselves into slight trouble from time to time.”

Miscellany Symposium

EU hasn’t given up on metric

The media have finally caught up with the news that our masters in Federal Europe have, at least for the time being, given up on forced metrication in England. I say “caught up” because this is old news - this decision was made a month ago but it’s taken the eurofederalists this long to realise that they can use it as “evidence” that Federal Europe isn’t that bad after all.

Wonko’s World

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