Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Become a Vet, Mr Brown

As usual, the Daily Mash hits the nail on the head -

Pointing to the early successes of his premiership, Mr Brown added: "I'm really more of an animal diseases kind of prime minister.

"Bluetongue, foot and mouth, H5N1 - that's really my forte. I know all the names and I'm very good at setting up exclusion zones. "In fact, some of you are probably thinking, 'he'd make a bloody good vet'. And, d'you know what? You may well be right.

"I can just see myself tootling around the Dales in my battered but reliable Austin 7, a side of bacon from old Mr Otterthwaite and my arm all the way up a cow. Is it too late? Who knows?"


Matt Wardman said...

That has satirical potential, Mr Herriot.

Garbo said...

I like the way you are thinking Mr Wardman!