Thursday, 29 November 2007

It just doesn't quite add up...

Something has been troubling me about all this funding scandal as I am sure it has everyone else. Why did Mr Abraham donate this money in the names of other people in the first place? It looks like he didn't even tell some of them he was doing it and used people who weren't even Labour supporters. So why make things so complicated and look so dodgy if all you want to do it donate some money?

The official line is that Abraham is a secretive man. But the guy has a public profile - one that he has sought after himself by pursuing a political career. And why risk getting caught up in a scandal by needlessly not playing by the book. I just do not understand why he did this. The Telegraph is reporting suspicions of foul play and I am inclined to at least listen to these suspicions. It just does not add up to me. There is no solid motive for these proxy donations that I can fathom. I think there is more of this story yet to run - the question is how much further?

If this scandal does find its way to the heart to government, forget about Mr Bean, Brown might as well be Mr Has-Been.

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