Wednesday, 28 November 2007

On the menu this week, sir, is Harmen's neck in a sleaze sauce

Harriet Harman is in a spot of bother, to say the least. At yesterday's news conference Brown did his best to avoid the issue of whether she should go. The press and wider media have it in for her too. Her defence is looking weaker and weaker - the very best she can put up is that she is incompetent. So out of no-where we have a challenger to be the first out of the cabinet and blow the mercury on the Thermometer of Doom. But is her departure an inevitability now?

One thing that is really on her side is, ironically, cash. The party have just had a very expensive and drawn out deputy leadership campaign - can they really afford another? They are £600k less well off today as well, after all!

On the other hand, something has to give now in the Government. The pressure is rising higher and higher and if someone doesn't take a fall and release some of that pressure then it will seriously damage the party and Gordon Brown on an even greater scale than it already is.

You wonder what the next scandal will be to hit the party - tune in next Tuesday to find out... it always seems to happen just in time for a raucous PMQs on Wednesday morning. I am not suggesting conspiracy here, but Brown must be fuming right now. Once again he has to face Cameron over the dispatch box looking down a nuclear arsenal of material that Cameron can fire at him armed with absolutely nothing.

Tune in at around 5pm for the PMQ's round up and scoring.

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