Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Thermometer of Doom

You will notice that a late runner has entered the frey - this week's buffon Harriet Harman. As a result, Miliband has got a reprieve. Here is how the runners and riders are going:

Harriet Harman - she has come from nowhere and is making a brilliant case to go. Will she jump though? It will be hard for Brown to sack her on the current evidence, but if it gets worse he will have no option. Brown risks Cruddas winning the deputy leadership if she does go, and that will be a blow to his credibility.

Jacqui Smith - her little misdemeanor of failing to tell anyone for months on end that a load of illegal immigrants had been passed for security seems distant and rather boring compared to some of her colleagues recent antics. It won't take much to bring her back in to the picture though - her card is marked.

Des Browne - what a shambles Two Jobs department is in. I thought he'd be first to go, but he has held on - mainly because others have stolen his limelight! He is still under great pressure though and I expect numerous more bad news stories to come out of the MoD and Iraq.

Alastair Darling - the man who has flirted with the sack like no other. He must have woken up in absolute joy to the news of Harman and party funding. The Rock and Data discs debacle is so far from over though that he remains in poll position with the new girl Harman for the sack.

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