Thursday, 1 November 2007

You don't say...

The Met has been found guilty under Health & Safety legislation. You don't say - they put a gun to the guy's head and threw out seven rounds in to him. Imagine if they had been found not guilty of breaching health and safety after shooting a man in the head.

What a pointless trial and waste of money. Yes they got it wrong, but either they killed a guy they shouldn't have or they didn't. So they should either have had a proper trial or got on with it. What has health and safety got to do with it ?

I do share a fair bit of sympathy with the police on this matter - particularly after speaking to a member of SO19 a few months back. These guys aren't jumped up traffic cops, they are serious players doing a serious job - and they are anything but trigger happy. They are extremely accountable, as they should be, and every time they discharge a round they are effectively suspended and investigated thoroughly - regardless of the circumstances.

Let's hope this ruling hasn't damaged any of their ability to do their job properly.

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