Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Great Archbishop Debate

Are you Backing The Bishop or Bashing The Bishop?


jmb said...

So what did you decide?

Garbo said...

I am slightly torn between the two...

It is clearly to me another case of the media taking a sound bite and not bothering to explain the full story and the public not bothering to take the time to understand the full story. All that needs to be said is "Archbishop calls for Sharia law" and the damage is done. It is a red rag to bull. All of sudden every thinks the archbishop wants Muslims to be able to flog their wives and preach hate. Nonsense.

On the other hand, if Williams has an ounce of common sense he must have known that what he was saying was going to have this reaction. Not only that, but he has been particularly careless with his words.

I defend his right to say what he likes however, but he should not be surprised when it is simplified in the media, his own church erupts with fury and the public think he has gone completely bonkers - he is the Archbishop of the Church of England after all, not some irrelevant local councilor - this is his specialist subject.

Thanks for asking. What about you?