Monday, 18 February 2008

The Poliblogs Blog of The Week

I am going to be posting intermittently from Thursday onwards for a couple of weeks as I take a hard earned break. I will try and get things up every other day, but the roundups and blog of the week award will be on hold after Wednesday. Therefore, this week's winner will be up for two weeks!

Now, cries of cronyism are sure to fly at this week's winner, but it's my blog and I don't care! This week (and for the next two!) The Poliblog's most favourite is The Wardman Wire!

OK, so I write a column at the Wardman Wire every Tuesday so of course I am going to back it - but I only do it because I think Matt has great blog. The Wardman Wire is probably the most complete political blog there is at the moment, covering a range of topics (though mainly focused on politics and current affairs) from all angles of the spectrum. Matt gets a regular host of guest columnists which provides a great range across the political spectrum. The most recent of which has been following the MPs allowances scandal - which has not only provided some excellent and and at time heated debate, but also some great ideas of what Parliamentary procedures should follow in the future.

In the coming weeks Matt will also be focusing on the Mayoral elections, with another host of supporters and opponants of the main candiates putting their case forward. It will be an asolute must read to anyone with an interest in the Mayoral elections on 1st May.

In short, you get brillaint insight from Matt Wardman, guests posts from blogger such as The ThunderDragon, Mike Rouse, Dave Cole, David Keen and of course, myself. What more could you want?


Matt Wardman said...

Whisper quietly, but Simon Barrow - co-Director of Ekklesia - starts a column tomorrow.

Thanks for the mention.


jmb said...

Well I think you do a trojan job on this blog yourself, although heaven knows I don't follow British politics seriously, just vaguely. But I usually have a quick glance here almost daily.

Garbo said...

Thanks jmb - very kind indeed and I am glad you enjoy the site.