Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A View Across The Pond

Damp Squib Tuesday?

So finally we have arrived at Super Tuesday. Or “Super Duper Tuesday”, as some people are calling it. Why? I don’t know. To me it seems more like “Damp Squib Tuesday”. What do we know today that we won’t know tomorrow? McCain will be the Republican nominee and the race will still be on between Obama and Clinton. Granted, tomorrow we will know how close the race is, but I don’t expect either of them to secure the nomination when all votes for Super Tuesday have been announced.

Still Exciting Though!

The reason probably rest in the American psyche – and Super Tuesday is yet another reminder of how they do things differently in America to us Brits. We treat politics in this country as a very sombre and serious business. We don’t use superlatives like Super Tuesday. The only time we ever name a day is if it is a particularly bad one – Black Wednesday for example. Super Tuesday – it conjures up excitement and glamour. Hell, it makes going to the polls sound like a trip to Disneyland!

Maybe We Can Learn Something Here...

Maybe we should spice up British politics with a few meaningless superlatives to make what is otherwise a pretty boring activity for vast swathes of the population sound more like a Hollywood Action Thriller. Why not call our election day Super Thursday? Or PMQs could be Interrogation:PM. Local Elections and European Elections could do some spicing up too – though it may well be just too disingenuous to treat European Elections with anything more than the total apathy we give to them currently.

The Serious Stuff...

So what of the candidates. Well McCain and Obama are on the up, Clinton is having a blip. I still expect Obama to win this race eventually, but the Comeback Kid Mach 2 is by no means out of it – and is still probably the favourite. If the Democrats are going to win come November however, Obama is the stronger choice. While McCain is seen as the War leader, the coming months in America are going to be about domestic issues and that will play far better in to the Democrats hands. If that is the case, I just sense that more floating Republicans are likely to switch if Obama is on offer rather than Clinton.

Only 278 Days To go...

Only 278 days until polling day – it’s another 331 before the next President actually takes over! Hell, it’s only 324 until Christmas! Mmmm... maybe that is why it’s called call Super Tuesday – they have to use these exciting adjectives just to keep everyone going.

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