Monday, 4 February 2008

The Poliblogs' Blog of the Week

A slight change to the Poliblogs' Blog of the Week award from this week onwards. Instead of a top three I will just be awarding to the winner.

This week's top of the blogs is the brilliant Blaney's Blarney. A blogger who hardly needs recognition from me, but he's getting it anyway! Blaney's Blarney is from the old school of Conservative thinking. A self-confessed Thaterite, Donal Blaney is not a man to mince his words. Punchy and cutting, Blaney's Blarney has featured in my Daily Roundup from day one and rarely goes more than a day or two without at least one of his posts making making it on to the Poliblogs. Whether you are a Tory or not, this blog will pick you up and either make you cheer with joy that finally someone is saying it, or make you hang your head in shame that someone has only gone and said it! Either way, you'll want to enter the debate. Thought provoking, amusing, sometimes filled with anger, Mr Blaney is a master of the partisan blog.

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