Monday, 4 February 2008

What Should the Rules be for MPs? Guest Article Series

I have kicked off the "What Should the Rules be for MPs?" debate over at The Wardman Wire.

I think I have come up with a great solution to the "snouts in the trough" scandals. No don't many of you will subsequently decide I am completely bonkers and have your own opinions.

However, the crux of my argument is that all decisions surrounding of expenses claims and MP pay rises and employment of staff should be put in the hands of an independent administrator. This way, MPs will get the pay rises they deserve, not what the press and public put pressure on them get; they will no longer be allowed to freely claim expenses and they will have to go through the same processes of employing staff that all other public sector companies do - i.e. an open, competitive process. Read the article for the more detailed and explanatory version!

All week different takes will be put forward by bloggers on the issue. Go take a look and enjoy what should be a fascinating series of debates.

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