Monday, 11 February 2008

The Poliblogs' Blog of the Week

This week's Poliblogs' Blog of the Week is The Croydonian.

This past week alone, The Croydonian has made me laugh out loud like only The Daily Mash can normally do. Take a look at the brilliantly observed "Survey of the Week" - which has to be the most pointless piece of government research in a very long time with the least surprising results ever. Or how about "Great Typos of Our Time"... I can see the Commission now just belting out the ways of the EU set to Mozart.

Croydonian is brilliantly observant, laugh out load sarcastic and punchy to the point - the sort of blog you go back to a few times a day in those spare few minutes between "real work". That is to say, he's in my favourites, not just my bloglines.

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Croydonian said...

Modesty forbids....