Friday, 1 February 2008

The Late Lunch Briefing

The Worst Politician in the UK

Who is the worst politician in the UK? Derek Conway? Peter Hain? George Galloway, perhaps? Some might even plump for Livingstone and/or Boris Johnson. However, I can trump all of these. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Britain’s worst politician - Liberal Democrat MEP Fiona Hall. Deluded Fiona Hall has summed up to me everything that is wrong about the Environment debate and whether you are a staunch believer in man-induced climate change or a sceptic, you should have contempt for MEP Fiona Hall.

Ban Patio Heaters? Are you joking?

In case you missed it, Fiona Hall has called for a complete ban on patio heaters. This is her idea of saving the planet. The every little helps approach. In fact, not only is she doing bugger all to save the planet she is reducing what is actually a very serious issue in to one about patio heaters. What in the name of all things holy does this enviro-nutter think banning patio heaters is going to actually do? We’d probably make more difference if we all promised not to fart for a week.

What are you actually trying to tackle here?

Lib Dem Voice (thank God not all Lib Dems are nutters, just this one and few others – all parties have them!) has highlighted a piece from Dr Eric Johnson, a national expert reviewer for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. He states that plasma TVs produce far more CO2 than patio heaters. Let’s ban them too. And while we’re at it, let’s ban the car, the fridge – hell let’s ban electricity. We should all move in to caves and eat plants –raw one of course. And while we are at saving the planet, there are far too many of us here to sustain a zero-carbon lifestyle so let’s have mass genocide and get rid 90% of all humans on the planet. That will end made man CO2 emissions, for sure. Just one problem – why the hell should we?!

It is people like Fiona Hall that have a real problem with people actually bettering themselves. Why should the masses be allowed to huddle round a heater while having a cigarette? Smokers are tantamount to murderers these days, so to hell with them! Why should Mr Jones buy a better car just because he has worked his way up the ladder and come in to a bit of money – he came from humble beginnings, he can stay there.

A Radical new approach is desperately needed to tackle this serious issue effectively

Attacks on people’s simple way of life that have virtually no impact on global warming will only make people more resistant. We need a new approach to tackling climate change because right now we are making no difference other than to increase taxes to raise coffers and change people’s chosen life styles. We are not having an impact on the real issues. The result is apathy and cynicism. Technology is the answer and industrial change in the USA and BRIC countries will make the differences. By all means we should practice what we preach – but banning patio heaters? Dear Lord.


jams o donnell said...

Thanks for your kind comment at teh Poor Mouth. I see you're interested in Sr Pujol, an utterly fascinating character!

Beaman said...

I can't say I'm too familiar with MEP Fiona Hall and this subject. However it sounds rather typical of those who shout the loudest about man-made climate change to somehow contradict themselves on their own actions and words. Rather like those that constantly fly across the world to give speeches on carbon emissions.

I'm sceptical myself.