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The Galloway Blogs 18th July 2007

There has been a massive reaction to the Mariam inquiry in the blogosphere, so along with today's Poliblogs and the PMQs round-up I will do a special edition dedicated solely to Gorgeous George himself. As always, I have tried to keep the round-up as balanced as possible, though finding genuine support for George wasn't that easy!

The Poliblogs will be published at lunchtime today.

A devastating report

As I came home, the radio news was chirpily announcing that George Galloway had received a "dressing down from his fellow MPs". And the story isn't even on the BBC News front page as I write.

But, in fact, the report is devastating. It is packed with astonishing detail about Mr Galloway and the Iraqi regime, and I urge you to find the time to read it.

Daniel Finkelstein

What George Galloway Has Done Wrong

As George Galloway himself boasted today "I'm no punch bag". He is one of parliament's most skilled debaters and a fiery arguer inside and outside the chamber. The whole business of his support for the Iraqi regime is complicated and a legal minefield.

Adam Boulton

George Galloway

The litigious cat impersonator George Galloway has been found guilty by the parliamentary standards committee of lying about receiving money through 'charity' from the former regime of Saddam Hussein.

Unenlightened Commentary

Galloway's suspension

I am neither naïve nor squeamish concerning parliamentarians' conduct, but this report is extraordinary. Let me direct your attention in particular to paragraph 345:

Mr Galloway has consistently denied, prevaricated and fudged in relation to the now undeniable evidence that the Mariam Appeal, and he indirectly through it, received money derived, via the Oil for Food Programme, from the former Iraqi regime...

For the man to make a feeble joke sooner than acknowledge the implications of that conclusion is testament to a shamelessness entirely outwith my experience of discredited MPs.

Oliver Kamm

In defence of George Galloway. Almost.

George Galloway - pictured left - will be suspended from parliament for 18 days this autumn, on the grounds that he damaged the reputation of the House of Commons through the way he conducted his Mariam Appeal charity.

Dave’s Part

George Galloway Is Abu Hamza

GEORGE Galloway is suspended from the House of Commons.


This is “treacherous” George Galloway who has been thrown out the commons for “concealing” payments.


George on Talksport on 18th July, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

As a result of today's decision to suspend me from parliament, a one-off show has been arranged on 18th July on Talksport (1053 - 1089) from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

I look forward to giving you my views and hearing yours!

George Galloway

Galloway response to 18-day suspension

"Once more and yet again I have been cleared of taking a single penny or in any way personally benefiting from the former Iraqi regime through the Oil for Food programme or any other means.

George Galloway

Anti-Galloway smears from kangaroo court fall flat... again

You remember, I think, some years ago there was a libellous story in the Telegraph. The newspaper, still then under the control of the now convicted felon Conrad Black, ran a story about documents purporting to show that George Galloway was in the pay of Saddam Hussein.

Unity Blog

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