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The Poliblogs 25th July 2007

Tory Delusions

One of the nice things about politics and personalities is that you can like and respect an individual and yet totally disagree with what he or she says. For example I like and respect Tony Benn, but I think it is fair to say that I am a bit more right-wing than he is. One thing he said in the early 1980s which I disagree with (and which the facts bore out against him) was that, if only Labour was more left wing, so that they could counter the Conservatives monetaristic threat, then Labour's electoral salvation would be in sight!

Mars Hill

Here's some beef

Amidst all the hullabaloo about David Cameron heading to Rwanda while parts of his constituency remain flooded, it is worth noting that the report he is unveiling over there has some pretty sound ideas in it.

Writing in the Telegraph this morning, Peter Lilley, the group’s chair, argues that trade is essential and that rich countries must do five things:

The Spectator Coffee House Blog

New EU treaty is 96% the same as the constitution

The invaluable think-tank Open Europe has translated the text of the European treaty formerly known as the constitution into English; something the government has so far failed to do. Their work shows that 96 percent of the text is as it was in the constitution.

The Spectator Coffee House Blog

Boris blasted as "bumbling buffon" by Tory mayoral rival

Tory hopeful Lurline Champagnie has launched an outspoken attack in the Harrow Observer against rival and blue-rinser favourite Boris Johnson.

Theo’s Blog

BREAKING NEWS - Yates To Give Evidence On Cash For Honours

It's just been announced that Assistant Commissioner John Yates will be called to give evidence before a committee of MPs investigating Cash for Honours.

The Public Administration Committee suspended its Inquiry because of the ongoing criminal investigation.

Adam Boulton

Climate Change My Arse - Part 8 (Global Scapegoat)

So last year's heat waves were down to Global Warming and this year's floods are down to Climate Change. It's funny how the terminology changes to suit the political agenda isn't it? I heard on the news this morning that 5% of our flood defences were already in poor repair previous to the recent flooding. The environment agency are quoting £1billion to improve defences but damage is estimated at £2billion. So from my limited accounting skills I can work out that instead of the floods costing £1billion (the cost of the repairs the government knew were needed but didn't carry out) they have now cost £3billion (the cost of repair to the flood defences plus the cost of the damage done).

Daily Referendum

The short presidency of Dick Cheney

America got a new President over the weekend, didn't you notice?

Well, it was only for a couple of hours as President Bush temporarily handed over power to (shudder) President Cheney while George W. was having a colonoscopy.

Daniel Finkelstein

Obama needs to raise the stakes if he is to defeat Hillary Clinton

Greetings from Charleston, South Carolina. This evening Sam Coates and I attended the first Democrat debate of this presidential cycle that was sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee. Here are a few quick observations:

Britain and

It's Their Tube, not YouTube

CNN's use of YouTube for tonight's Democratic presidential debate is being hailed as groundbreaking experiment in democracy. It is nothing of the sort.

Niall Stanage

Peter Franklin: Abolish the Treasury

I know what you did last summer.

Amid the hosepipe bans and dwindling reservoirs, you slashed the flood defence budget.

By ‘you’ I mean Her Majesty’s Treasury, which would no doubt object that the budgetary decision was taken by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which has immediate responsibility for flood defence. Never one to miss a trick, HMT would also point out that Defra had been given all the money it needed and only ran short thanks to its lavishly incompetent implementation of the Single Payment Scheme for farm subsidies. This much is true. But what has flood defence to do with the Single Payment Scheme?

Conservative Home

Stephen Crabb MP: In defence of the Rwanda trip

Thirteen years ago the world abandoned Rwanda.

After 100 days of brutal and highly organised killings between April and July 1994, nearly one million rotting corpses were left strewn across this beautiful country; almost a third of all the children had been made orphans and millions of traumatised survivors sought safety in disease-ridden refugee camps.

Conservative Home

Smell of Piss Removed From Trains By 2014

THE unbearable stench of stale urine will be removed from all mainline and suburban rail services by 2014, the transport secretary said yesterday.
Ruth Kelly said Network Rail will spend £1bn a year in a massive nationwide programme to make Britain's trains almost entirely piss-free.

The Daily Mash

Politics 2.0

Our leaders are still hesitant but the internet could eventually revolutionise political campaigning in Britain.

Mark Hanson

OOOoo he`s so "Strong"

We are the worst performing economy in the Anglosphere and Britain was already surging ahead at the end of the Major period. Without the administrative an tax burdens placed on the private sector (and the swollen public sector) it would have done as well as the other free economies . A historic missed opportunity. These gains are driven by the global markets that believe in the low tax and entrepreneurial societies that Brown despises. Those actually in this sector are aware of this and this is not the problem the Conservatives have ( Those involved almost universally support the Tories). The drag on business is in front of you everyday. The problems are these:

Islington Newmania

How long until a Labour majority is the betting favourite?

Even though today’s ICM poll in the Guardian, reported in the previous thread, shows a one point drop in Labour’s lead the sentiment on the betting markets is moving towards Labour being returned with an overall majority for an unprecedented fourth term.

On the Cantor Spreadfair commons seat market this morning prices are CON 252-255.7: LAB 307.2-310.4: LD 48.1-54 seats. So the mid-point in the Labour spread is nearly 309 seats or just sixteen short of an overall majority.

Political Betting

More bad news for Dave

Today's Guardian ICM poll continues the run of bad figures for Dave. Now, all of this can be (and is being) dismissed by Tory optimists as part and parcel of the predictable "Brown bounce": Gordon has not yet been PM for a month, after all. And I agree that Cameron would be daft to mould his strategy around the voting intention statistics drawn up by pollsters in the first few weeks of a premiership. The finding that should worry Dave is that a majority of Labour and Tory voters think that Brown has brought a change to government. This suggests that the public has bought Gordon's mantra that he has "listened and learned" and is the "change" candidate.

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