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The Cannablogs 20th July 2007

So it appears they all do it and no one cares. So little do we care in fact that the whole political blogosphere has had their penny's worth!

I don't care either really - though it is a nosey interest that we all seem to have. It certainly won't change my views on the individuals concerned or of the government as a whole. With the exception of Alistair Darling - are they sure they got this right? Darling smoking a spliff? I reckon he this is worst type of spin yet under New Labour - "Darling isn't that boring, he was bonging it down at University!" Can't see it myself.

It also amazes me how they all tried but either didn't like it or never did it again because they saw had bad it was. No one cares -but if you're going to "confess" at least tell the whole truth!

Maybe I'm reading too much in to this, but I get the feeling this is the prelude to something else - though not sure what. Possibly getting it all out in the open for the government before an expose of a certain opposition figure... perhaps? Time will tell...

Anyway, I do hope they've all stopped now - I can't think of anything worse than seeing a smoke filled room of giggling politicians containing the likes of Hazel Blears, Ruth Kelly and Andy Burham eating copious amounts of chocolate to quench their munchies. What a horrible thought.

Cannabis matters

Newsrooms across London are filled with the sound of a lively debate about how much the home secretary's "confession" to using cannabis matters. Some argue that no one cares anymore. Others that many beyond the liberal metropolitan set do care passionately. Some that it shows she's in touch. Others that she's a hypocrite.

Nick Robinson

Labour, the Tories and Cannabis

Few things in life are safe for all of the people, all of the time. Even traces of nuts in a restaurant meal can kill those unfortunate enough to suffer from certain allergies.

And sure, cannabis is a mind-altering substance. Some medical studies reportedly show that prolonged heavy use can result in psychosis. With no relevant expertise in the subject, I’m happy to take the specialists’ word for it. But alcoholism can – and in countless cases every year, does - also have that effect.

Dave’s Part

The Politics of Pot

The Home Secretary has just told Sky News that she smoked cannabis as an Oxford student over a quarter of a century ago.

My instinctive reaction to Jacqui Smith's revelation was 'so what'-- a view shared, I suspect, by most people.

Adam Boulton

.and they inhaled

So, Jacqui Smith isn't the only midnight toker in the government - Alastair Darling, Andy Burnham, Ruth Kelly (RUTH KELLY???), Hazel Blears have all joined the roll-up call with Vernon Coaker, Patsy Hewitt, Caroline Flint and Tony McNulty.

Political Hack UK

Gordon Scores

The Tories are predictably fuming about the fact that Gordon Brown has succeeded in re-focusing attention on the issue of politicians' drug-taking pasts, first by pledging to look again at the reclassification of cannabis and then by persuading Home Secretary Jackie Smith to fess up to having a toke at university.

Paul Linford

Smoke and mirrors

Here we go again, another politician forced by our stupid laws to say that drugs are wrong and unpleasant.

Sue Blackmore

Crimebusters go to pot in a haze of cannabis smoke

The tragic consequences of what can happen when someone smoked cannabis 25 years ago were there for all to see in the Commons yesterday. I refer, of course, to Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary. She had come to tell us about the Government’s crime reduction strategy. I regret to report that she was forgetful, confused and, once or twice, very close to having a fit of the giggles. Perhaps she no longer feels the need to hide the effects. Who knows? Clearly she has an addictive personality.

Ann Treneman

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