Friday, 20 July 2007

Damning Stuff from Mark Field MP

Conservative Home have a post from Mark Field MP which is a pretty damning verdict of the by-election campaign in Ealing Southall. Here are some extracts - (to read the whole article click here)

I believe that our by-election campaign in Ealing Southall may have done lasting damage to the Party’s outreach work in the British Asian Communities.

...actions betrayed a failure by our Party to treat sensitively the potentially explosive racial divisions within Ealing Southall. spite of a frenetic and energetic PR campaign, our vote effectively flatlined at 22.5% - and this in a seat where in the 50 years to 1997 the Conservative share of the vote never dipped below 30%.

Someone's not towing the party line today... doubt he'll be the last.

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